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Crisis Intervention Therapist

Help people cope with emergency emotional crises.

What does a Crisis Intervention Therapist do?

Some mental health problems are ongoing, and they simmer at a low level for years. Others can turn into full-blown emergencies where the people affected could do serious physical damage to themselves or others. Crisis Intervention Therapists help those people work through their crises.

As a Crisis Intervention Therapist, you may work for a mental health facility, where you’re called in to consult when patients are acting out or seem withdrawn. You try to get them to tell you what they’re feeling, and then you look for ways to help them cope. You may suggest group sessions where they can interact with others, or you may hold one-on-one sessions to allow each patient to talk.

You may also talk to the patient’s Doctor about medication therapies. When the crisis has passed, you check with the patient again to make sure things are truly getting better.

You may also work as a Crisis Intervention Therapist for a hotline, where people in crisis call you for help. You talk to the clients about their feelings, and try to determine if anyone near them is in danger. You use a soothing, soft voice as you provide comfort and stability. After assessing the situation, you may suggest that callers check into a mental health facility, transfer them to Doctors for further treatment, or call in Police Officers if the situation is urgent.

You focus on helping patients talk about their problems, and may do very little talking yourself. You may ask questions, but answer few questions yourself. You’ll remember to leave this technique behind when you leave the office, though, so your social life won’t suffer.