Criminal Justice Professor

Teach university students about criminal justice.

What does a Criminal Justice Professor do?

Criminal Justice Professors teach students at the college level about how our legal system deals with criminal offenses. A Criminal Justice Professor’s classroom is filled with future Lawyers, Detectives, and even Justices of the court.

As a Criminal Justice Professor, the great legal minds of the next generation may be listening to your lectures, so it’s important that you’re well informed in the art of criminal justice. You might have been a Lawyer for many years, or perhaps you’ve done a great deal of research to contribute to the legal field. Students are depending on you to explain everything from monumental cases to the ins and outs of the court system.

A large part of your daily work entails creating lesson plans and grading papers. In the classroom, you lead discussions, assign projects, and conduct debates between groups of your students. You communicate your ideas clearly and fluently so that complicated laws and behavioral studies can be understood not just by the hand-raiser in the front row but also by the slacker in the back corner.

You also have the opportunity to continue your own personal research while enlightening the young minds in your lecture hall. As a Professor at a university, you’re often expected to do a certain amount of research in the field. Whether that means taking on a few extra cases on the side or conducting studies on felony inmates, you’ll be able to use your findings to add up-to-date, cutting-edge dimensions to your course material.