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Crime Scene Investigator



Scour crime scenes for clues.

What does a Crime Scene Investigator do?

The scene of a crime often holds the key to solving the case. Choose a career as a Crime Scene Investigator and you’ll take on the role of the sharp-eyed detective responsible for collecting evidence and putting the guilty party behind bars.

TV dramas have popularized the role of the Crime Scene Investigator, but the cases you need to crack don’t always involve violent crimes. All criminals leave evidence behind, and any complex case-from kidnapping to financial crimes-may require the services of a Crime Scene Investigator.

When a call comes in announcing the start of a new investigation, you head to the crime scene as quickly as possible. It’s important to collect the evidence while it’s still fresh. First, you take photographs and sketch the layout of the scene. It takes an eye for detail to capture the scene exactly as it is.

Next, you collect the evidence without tampering with other potential clues. You might lift fingerprints from a container without disturbing the substance inside, or pick a strand of hair off a shirt without brushing against suspicious stains on the fabric. The container and shirt are then sent to the lab for analysis.

Once the evidence comes back and you’ve reviewed the findings, you write up a report. Everything must be represented accurately and in detail. Often, you’ll testify in court to ensure the criminal ends up in jail and not back on the streets.

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