Creping Machine Operator

Operate machines to crinkle smooth-surfaced papers to form crepe papers.

What does a Creping Machine Operator do?

Operates machine to crinkle smooth-surfaced paper to form crepe paper: Mounts stock roll on machine, using chain hoist. Regulates flow of glue or laminate to pans and steam to drying cylinders. Starts machine and threads sheet through glue pan, feed rolls, creping roll and blade, rolls that remove excess glue or laminate, drying cylinders, tension rolls, and onto rewinding rolls. Moves controls to bring creping blade in contact with moving paper to crinkle paper, and adjusts temperature of steam-heated rolls, tension of paper, and pressure of rolls to prevent tearing or folding of paper. Cuts paper, using knife, and removes roll of crepe paper when required amount has been wound. May operate machine equipped with cylinder press that simultaneously prints and laminates surface of paper in addition to creping process and be designated Crepe-Laminator Operator.