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Credit Reporting Clerk

Compile, record, and organize consumer credit information.

What does a Credit Reporting Clerk do?

A good credit score is the gateway to comfortable living, and the Credit Reporting Clerk is the Gatekeeper. For a child, imagination holds the key to the universe, but for an adult, it’s credit. After all, a good imagination will only get you a fantasy, but a good credit score can help you get a job, a car, a house, and maybe even a spouse.

As a Credit Reporting Clerk, you’re employed by credit reporting agencies as well as third-party intermediaries, such as background check companies. There, it’s your job to compile, post, and retrieve credit information – including credit reports and credit scores – for those who request it. For instance, you might pull a credit score for individual consumers checking on their financial well-being. Or, you might pull a credit report for a Landlord who’s screening a tenant, a Banker who’s reviewing a loan application, or a Retail Salesperson who’s extending a line of credit to a customer.

Like all Clerks, a Credit Reporting Clerk has a largely administrative job, involving data entry, filing, and information retrieval. More than that, though, it’s also customer service: When people submit requests for credit reports, whether it’s by phone, fax, email, or mail, you’re their point of contact. You’re charged not only with retrieving requested information, therefore, but also with doing it in a pleasant, helpful, and – above all else, since financial information is sensitive and private – lawful manner.