Credit Counselor

Help clients straighten out their debt problems.

What does a Credit Counselor do?

People who are deep in debt often need help in order to turn their situation around. Credit Counselors provide real advice and action plans to help clients rise out of debt. A Credit Counselor may also work with the client’s debtors to get monthly payments reduced.

When you’re a Credit Counselor, you’ll likely work for a large credit counseling agency, although some banks and community organizations also hire Credit Counselors. When clients come to see you, you begin a delicate discussion. You ask them how much they owe, whom they owe that money to, and how much they make each month. You’re warm and engaging during these discussions so the clients will be honest with you.

You may call the people they owe money to and ask about reducing the client’s monthly payment. If the client has less debt to pay each month, they may be more likely to make payments rather than skipping them altogether. You work as an advocate for your clients here, trying to put together the best deal possible for all parties involved.

You then talk to your client again and tell them what the new monthly payment will be. You pull together a budget for them, outlining how much money they should spend on bills and necessities. Prepare to accept many hugs from grateful clients at the end of these conversations.

You may also open an account for the client where you’ll place the money they give you. With this money, you may pay their bills as their Agent. You must remember to keep strict records though, proving that you’re following the action plan to the letter.