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Credit Analyst Career Information

Credit analysts work both individually and in collaboration with others in their organization. In order to be a successful credit analyst, individuals must be good at credit analysis, management, and also have an understanding of credit risk and marketing.

Credit Analyst Education & Background

Most credit analyst jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree. Finance is the preferred degree in this field compared to business administration and economics. Accounting majors are also more popular than business and commerce majors.

Credit analysts are employed across many different industries as well as in both small and large businesses. They are more commonly employed in banking and financial services industries.

Common regions for credit analyst jobs

Location is also important when selecting a career path. New York, Chicago, and Houston are amongst the most preferred cities where graduates can find credit analyst jobs.


Decide which applicants are granted loans based on their credit history.

Salary Range: $48,401 - $73,924
Industry: Automotive
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