Credit Administration Officer

Review and make the final decision on loan applications.

What does a Credit Administration Officer do?

When a newlywed couple needs a loan, or a small business wants to borrow a few hundred dollars for start-up costs, they turn to a Credit Administration Officer. Credit Administration Officers fill out and file the necessary paperwork, and review their information to determine whether to offer them the money. For customers who make the cut, the Credit Administration Officer tells them the good news. For those who don’t, the Credit Administration Officer breaks it to them gently and suggest other ways that they can meet their financial needs.

It takes a head for numbers to fit into the banking world. Daily duties include helping customers fill out forms, reviewing new credit applications, and updating current computer records. If you have this position, your company relies on you to lend credit-money given to someone who promises to pay it back-to customers who have a track record of financial reliability. It’s important to lend money without lending too much.

Often you cover a specific type of credit, such as mortgages (home loans) or business loans. You and your co-workers report to the Lending Manager, who reviews how the lending department is doing as a whole. When everyone does their part, the bank profits. While the Lending Manager keeps an eye on the big picture, you focus on all the puzzle pieces that make it up.