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Credentialing Coordinator



Verify that the medical workers in your hospital have genuine credentials.

What does a Credentialing Coordinator do?

When a patient visits their Doctor, they assume that the credentials on the wall represent more than just a CPR course and diploma printed off a computer the night before. It’s the job of Credentialing Coordinators to make sure this assumption isn’t a leap of faith. Credentialing Coordinators check up on the healthcare providers at their hospital to ensure they have the proper education and training, and help them stay up to date on their training.

This job involves a lot of research. As a Credentialing Coordinator, you verify the education, licensing, and certification of every new hire at the hospital or medical office where you work. This means you spend a lot of time on the phone or computer, contacting schools, references, and certifying boards.

You work with hiring committees to find out if a potential employee is as qualified as they say they are. Then you report your findings back to the board so they can make a decision.

Your constant research means you keep up to date on the most current licensing requirements for all types of healthcare providers. You serve as an expert on the latest classes or certifications needed, and keep everyone aware. Say a Doctor needs to renew their CPR certification. You’re the one who sends them an alert.

Since everything needs to be recorded, data entry is another big part of your job. The information you find can be given out to patients, Hospital Administrators, hiring committees, or anyone else who’s interested.

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