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Creative Strategist

Creative Strategist


Handle both the business and artistic sides of creating ad campaigns.

What does a Creative Strategist do?

Creative Strategists typically work at advertising agencies or marketing firms. There, they straddle the business and creative sides of advertising, as their job is two positions rolled into one: Media Planner and Creative Director.

At first glance, “Creative Strategist” might seem like a contradiction, like the idea of a skinny Chef, or an Accountant who hates math. But in a business world that prizes “return on investment” just as much as “thinking outside the box,” it makes perfect sense.

When you’re a Creative Strategist, you strategically plan advertising campaigns. Using market research, you study the marketplace and make recommendations about how the ads can reach their target audience, whether it’s children and teens, young urban women, or men over 65. To do that, you determine what type of ads your clients should purchase (for example, TV, radio, print, or Internet advertisements), where they should purchase them (on what TV stations, on what websites, and in what magazines), and when they should purchase them (what time of day, week, month, or year). It’s a business decision—where can they get the most bang for their buck?—and you’re paid to help your clients make it.

When you’re wearing the hat of Creative Director, you actually execute advertising campaigns. That involves developing ad concepts and then working with Graphic Designers, Copywriters, and Advertising Producers to design and create them.

Your job is like the “Mad Men” equivalent of hitting two birds with one stone: By having the same person—the Creative Strategist—plan and produce them, companies make better, more effective advertisements!

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