Creative Director

Lead your organization's creative projects from concept to completion.

What does a Creative Director do?

A creative director is the boss of all creative endeavors at a company. Whether you’re working in advertising, graphic design, fashion, media, or entertainment, your main goal is the same: to manage, inspire, and lead your creative team.

This title tends be used interchangeably with that of an art director, or someone in charge of all visual artistic productions. However if both positions exist the creative director is usually the higher of the two, as “art” is only one of several creative categories that fall under the creative director’s control. If you are at an advertising agency, for example, you will coordinate between the head of the design team (the art director), the head of the writers, and the head of the production team to put together a commercial campaign.

Your daily duties could include approving the sketches for a new media campaign, sitting down with writers to brainstorm new ideas, or deciding that the overall feel of an exhibit is off and getting the staff back in to fix it.

On the whole, it is your job to make sure that all imaginative and subjective elements of a production—be it the writing, the graphic art, or the choice to include a group of mimes in the commercial—are visually appealing, emotionally stimulating, and generally beneficial for the promotion of your brand.