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Crayon Sawyer

Perform the tasks to cut and shape talc blocks into crayons.

What does a Crayon Sawyer do?

Performs any combination of following tasks to cut and shape talc blocks into crayons: Removes block from chute and positions block onto saw bed. Pushes block into saw blade to cut and square edge for slabbing. Feeds squared block onto rotating slotted grate that moves block through multiple blade saw that cuts block into slabs of specified width. Stacks slabs in holding fixture of machine equipped with pneumatic plunger that pushes slab through blades that cut slabs into crayons of specified size, or places slab against guide and pushes slab into saw blade to cut individual crayons from slab. Feeds square crayons into V-shaped groove on grinding machine and pushes crayon between grinding wheels that grind edges and round crayon. Dumps boxes of crayons into bins or chutes for grading.