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Crash Investigator



Piece together exactly what happened in a car crash.

What does a Crash Investigator do?

As a Crash Investigator, you’re a Forensic Investigator of car crashes. One of the first on the scene, the Crash Investigator works with Police Officers to collect photographs and physical evidence as well as eyewitness statements. While a car crash rarely occurs on purpose, Crash Investigators still need to find out what happened and who’s at fault.

Once you’ve surveyed the crash, you replay the events in your mind. The damage to the vehicles, the angle of impact, and eyewitness reports all help you piece together what caused the collision. Speeding, drugs, and bad weather can all play a part in an accident.

After writing notes and taking pictures of the scene, you return to your office to continue the investigation. Police keep you updated on new evidence or witness statements over the next few days. You may work with software to create a 3D simulation of the crash and see if the end results match the damage of the real crash.

The report of your conclusions and evidence is used for insurance purposes and for court cases. If a drunk driver hits another car, the driver could face jail time. Your report gives your conclusion on whether or not the driver was drunk or speeding, and provides the evidence to back up your findings. Your work helps bring closure to an accident, whether that means helping the insurance company file a claim or taking a drunk driver off the streets.

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