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Craniofacial Surgeon



Specialize in surgery of the face, jaw, and surrounding areas.

What does a Craniofacial Surgeon do?

When patients need a Surgeon, they don’t draw one out of a hat. Instead, they choose the right Surgeon based on their specialty.

Craniofacial Surgeons specialize in surgeries of the face, including the jaw and the skull itself. They correct problems either present from birth or caused by an accident. Operations range from realigning a jaw to repairing a cleft lip. However, Craniofacial Surgeons don’t perform brain surgery or operate on the eyes.

As a Craniofacial Surgeon, you cover conditions dealing with deformities of the face. A person’s face is the first thing others see, and everyone wants to look their best. To help patients do this, you start with an evaluation.

Your evaluation determines how serious the condition is and how long the patient has had it. Together, you discuss the best course of treatment. Often, the patient’s Primary Care Doctor has referred them to you for surgery.

During the surgery, you have a medical team to assist you as you make small incisions to manipulate bone and tissue beneath the skin. Steady hands are definitely a plus in this position. If you’re squeamish, the Surgeon’s job may not be your true calling.

Once the surgery’s over, you schedule follow-ups with your patient to check for signs of infection and to see how they look. At first, the scars and bandages can look intimidating, but once the healing process is complete, your patient will see positive changes in their appearance.

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