Craft Brewer

Create unique, high quality beers for independent breweries.

What does a Craft Brewer do?

Here’s the truth: no two beers are created equal. As a Craft Brewer you’ll really get the chance to prove that. Craft breweries are defined as small, independent and traditional. Craft Brewers work in these breweries as artisans, dedicated to producing unique, high quality beers.

Craft Breweries only make about 2 million barrels of beer a year, so as a Brewer there you’ll have a pretty big say over the beer you make, meaning you can really play with your product. Creativity is encouraged so you can go crazy and see what happens when you add something like blueberry or bourbon to a batch. You also get to make seasonal beers each year, deciding when to roll out dark pumpkin beer for fall or light ales during summer.

Craft beers are different than mass produced beers-they have more going on in their production. This is because they usually use only malted grains, hops, water and yeast and don’t pasteurize the beer; all of which make a difference when it comes to the taste and texture.

It’s your job is to make sure everything comes out perfect in a batch of beer so you watch the beer at every step of its creation. You choose the ratio of what goes into the beer, figure out how to handle each ingredient and keep an eye on the fermentation process.

Since you’ll be at small breweries it might just be you on shift, meaning you’re going to be watching a lot of different batches of beer-you’ll need to have good focus and attention to detail so you don’t ruin a good batch of beer.