Cracker and Cookie Machine Operator

Operate machines to roll dough into sheets and to form crackers.

What does a Cracker and Cookie Machine Operator do?

Operates machine to roll dough into sheets and to form crackers or cookies, preparatory to baking: Turns crank to adjust space between rollers. Selects and installs stamping or extruding die unit in machine, using wrench. Pushes trough of dough to machine and shovels dough into hopper or dumps it into hopper, using hoist. Starts machine and inserts end of dough from hopper into roller. Observes operation and removes malformed cookies or crackers. Verifies weight of samples against standards, using balance scale. Scoops such ingredients as salt, sugar, and nuts into hoppers located along conveyor belt. May be designated according to machine operated as Bar-Machine Operator; Drop-Machine Operator; Rotary-Machine Operator; or according to product formed as Fig-Bar-Machine Operator; Matzo-Forming-Machine Operator.