Court Bailiff

Enforce order in a courtroom.

What does a Court Bailiff do?

As a Court Bailiff your duty is to protect those in the courtroom. This includes watching over the Judge and jury along with any other people in attendance. In your role as a somewhat stern school Teacher, you keep everyone in line. No one would dare act up or get rowdy while you’re around.

On court days you’ll find yourself ushering a defendant held in custody from the prison into the courtroom. Your mission is two-fold: protect the defendant and make sure he or she doesn’t make a run for it. Without your services, court cases could become a free-for-all and end in chaos. Once the defendant arrives safe and sound, the trial can start.

After the trial begins and the doors close, you stand in the back and survey the proceedings. You watch for signs of anyone causing trouble and interfere if someone becomes angry or violent. Jobs rarely resemble their TV and movie portrayals, but a Court Bailiff is a rare exception. Those solemn-looking Guards standing calmly in the back of the court in nearly every courtroom drama are Court Bailiffs. Unlike them, however, you probably won’t need to make any heroic dives onto escaping criminals and you are, in fact, allowed to smile.