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Deliver documents in-person by car, bus, railway, or bicycle.

What does a Courier do?

As a Courier, you deliver documents to businesses and individuals. To make your deliveries, you travel by bicycle or car, depending on the setting you work in, which can either be metropolitan or rural. Besides the setting, your duties will also vary depending on the company you work for, and on whether you are employed or run your own courier service.

Your day begins with a phone call or radio dispatch telling you where to go to pick up your first package. You hop on your bike or get into your car, and make your way to the pickup location. That original call also gives you your drop-off location, so after picking up the package, you immediately make your way to the delivery spot. Couriers are used for their speedy deliveries, so being on schedule-ahead of it, if you can help it-keeps jobs coming your way.

Some Couriers work completely within one company, delivering packages between floors through the internal mail system. That means your choice to become a Courier may be influenced by how much time you want to spend outdoors and how physically fit you are. It can be a demanding job, requiring fitness and loads of energy.

It also requires that you have social skills. You may be all alone while traveling from one site to the next, but you still get to interact with a lot of people when you reach your destination, as you deliver your packages, and gather signatures and payments.

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