County Agricultural Agent

Collect and distribute regional farming information to help local growers.

What does a County Agricultural Agent do?

County Agricultural Agents are the people Farmers turn to for advice or answers when they run into problems or issues on their farms. The questions a County Agricultural Agent answers can run the gamut. Some may be as simple as, “What minerals is my soil lacking?” Others might be more difficult like, “What is this new species that’s eating all my crops?”

As a County Agricultural Agent, to answer those questions right away, you gather data and study the problems common to the area. If there’s a problem you can’t solve, you call in the experts. In fact, a large part of this job involves connecting Farmers with specialists in the community or at the local university who can find solutions to more difficult issues.

When you’re not solving the mysteries of the farming world, you work to keep problems at bay. You give presentations on things like soil conservation, or demonstrate common practices to help protect crops from bugs or bad weather. You’re involved in every aspect of every project, from researching the issues that Farmers want to know about, to gathering the necessary information and supplies, to planning out the presentation. You even help advertise and write the budget for the project.

Outreach is also a big part of the job. You connect with government agencies to ask for money, and encourage them to advertise your services. You let these organizations know about upcoming projects and the ways you can help confused Farmers. You even do outreach for future Farmers, and many in this position help out with 4-H, a farming organization for kids.