Counterintelligence Analyst

Foil the plans of foreign Spies.

What does a Counterintelligence Analyst do?

Counterintelligence Analysts work either in offensive or defensive counterintelligence, analyzing information regarding events happening both at home and abroad. Your biggest job as a Counterintelligence Analyst is to make sure that the other side is never ahead of you. The data you are given directly aids in stopping the efforts of “the bad guys.”

If you work as an offensive Counterintelligence Analyst, then you will most likely be employed by an organization such as the CIA. In this role, you pinpoint exactly what or who is helping the other side. Then using your best resources, you make sure that those aids are stopped, and if possible, used for your side.

This is an aggressive approach to counterintelligence. It involves a lot of deciphering, critical thinking, and a cutthroat attitude.

If you work in defensive counterintelligence, then you will most likely be employed by an organization such as the FBI. In this role, you pinpoint your side’s own weaknesses, and remedy the situation before it becomes a security threat. This kind of work involves a lot of psychology and clever thinking because you’re essentially finding weaknesses where no one wants to see any. You may find yourself going up against opposition frequently, especially when you’re naming an insider as a mole.

Above all, your greatest skill should be that you really know how to keep a secret. Your work is confidential most of the time, and you have to treat it as such. So get used to the idea of keeping secrets from everyone, including loved ones.