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Counselor Career Information

What skills are needed for counselor jobs?

Research, social media, and Microsoft office are among the top skills that businesses look for in counselors. On top of that, having psychology knowledge could potentially set you apart from your competitors who are applying for the same job.

Education for Counselor Jobs

Most counselor jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree. Many counselors graduate with a degree in psychology. The remaining majors are a relatively equal mix of social work, sociology, criminal justice and corrections, and education.

Which industries and companies do counselors typically work in?

Counselor jobs are an integral part of many companies. They are more commonly employed in mental health care and non-profit organization management industries.

Top regions for counselors

Another common consideration many graduates face when they start to search for jobs is where they will be working. Counselor jobs are widespread across the nation and can be found in almost all major cities. Los Angeles and New York offer slightly more opportunities for recent grads who are looking to begin their careers.

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