Counseling Services Director

Oversee staff and services at a college counseling center.

What does a Counseling Services Director do?

The college years are stressful. Whether fresh out of high school or facing a career change later in life, a college student faces tons of deadlines, late nights, and way too much pizza. Stress, age, and lifestyle choices all contribute to mental illness, struggles with curriculum, and indecision about the future.

That’s where the campus counseling center comes in. Guidance Counselors, Academic Counselors, and Mental Health Counselors all work in the counseling center under the supervision of the Counseling Services Director.

As a Counseling Services Director, you manage the counseling center at a college or university. The Counselors in your office help students make academic decisions and choose a career. They offer emotional counseling, evaluate mental health conditions, and are available if a student feels they’re in danger.

In addition to managing the hiring, firing, performance evaluation, training, and goals of office staff and Counselors, your position as Counseling Services Director gives you plenty of paperwork to push around your desk. As with any job related to education, money is always a hot topic. You create budgets, attend budget meetings, and constantly crunch the numbers to stay within budget.

Outside of budget, budget, and budget, you represent your department. That means you network with other departments, adhere to campus policies, and make sure you remain up to date on current events and the latest counseling and campus practices.