Provide costumes to the cast of a stage play.

What does a Costumer do?

Costumers are in charge of the wardrobe department at a stage play or production. The Costumer sees to it that every Actor and Actress is dressed from head to toe in era-appropriate attire and accessories. The enchantment of a Shakespearean work would fall flat without a Costumer around to see that Hamlet carts a menacing skull onstage and not a boom box.

Each production the theater chooses is an opportunity to research a new era and all its fashion fads. Clothing, jewelry, shoes, and hats, among other things, must match the time period, right down to your choice in fabric and buttons. Design and color play a supporting role as well because mismatched costumes-even historically accurate ones-would distract the audience from the main event.

At every rehearsal and public performance, you work backstage arranging outfits, tracking down missing pieces, and making last-minute repairs. Before opening night, you fit each costume to its wearer to avoid split seams later on. When the unavoidable tear or rip does occur, you’re on hand to sew it back up before the curtain opens.

Your choice in costumes, whether you need dozens or only two, should blend seamlessly into the backdrop known as the setting. Suddenly, the audience is transported to 15th-century Denmark or 16th-century Venice, all thanks to your careful attention to detail.