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Cosmetology Examiner



Test would-be Cosmetologists to prove they're ready to be given a license.

What does a Cosmetology Examiner do?

When you sit in the chair of a Cosmetologist (just as when you sit in the chair of a Dentist), you want to make sure they know what they’re doing. Your teeth won’t suffer if your Hairdresser doesn’t have the right education, but your look will, and that’s nothing to take lightly. That’s why the work of Cosmetology Examiners is so important. Cosmetology Examiners test and license potential Cosmetologists so no one ends up with a bad haircut, manicure, or wax.

Cosmetologists include pretty much anyone who works in a salon, be they Manicurists, Estheticians, or Hairdressers. Just as each of these employees has their own specific responsibilities, each of their licensing tests varies slightly based on what they hope to ultimately do. For example, the test a Cosmetology Examiner issues an Esthetician wouldn’t ask how a proper hand massage is given or what tools are required for a pedicure. However, any test you administer includes the basics of the job, like proper technique and sanitation procedures.

Each of your tests is created by your state’s licensing board, and most states require both a written and a practical test. During the written portion of the exam, you observe test takers to ensure that there’s no cheating happening. Afterward, you give specific tasks to each test taker, asking them to demonstrate and explain a particular procedure. You then grade their work based on things like how long it took, its quality, and whether it was done according to sanitary standards.

The test taker’s combined grade in these two tests dictates if they will receive a cosmetology license and be allowed to work with clients.

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