Use your eye for beauty to sell cosmetics.

What does a Cosmetician do?

As Salespeople of the makeup world, Cosmeticians bring the latest trends and styles to their client base. Think of the Avon Representative passing out catalogs and selling makeup door to door, or the Cosmeticians found at cosmetic counters in department stores. Armed with your free samples, you pass them out to customers and offer makeovers to help each person see just how fabulous your company’s products can make them look.

Though you represent your company and sell its products, you’re not just a Salesperson. A keen sense of style and a passion for color are required to succeed as a Cosmetician. If you have no idea what color looks best on your new client, you may end up decorating them like a clown, and they’ll run screaming from the building without buying anything.

You spend your workdays choosing the perfect color palette for each client, selling items to old clients who have run out, and demonstrating new products to clients both old and new to try and convince them to give this fresh makeup line a whirl.

From transforming others into their best selves to finding the perfect product to fit your customer’s needs-foundation for a person with sensitive skin, for example-you are the bringer of beauty, helping each and every person feel their finest.