Corrosion Prevention Metal Sprayer

Control flame spray equipment to spray corrosion-resistant coatings.

What does a Corrosion Prevention Metal Sprayer do?

Controls portable flame spray equipment to spray corrosion-resistant coatings, such as zinc or aluminum, on objects, such as plates, tanks, and structural shapes according to specifications: Cleans and roughens surface of object to be coated, using sandblasting equipment [SANDBLASTER]. Selects nozzle to accommodate size of wire to be melted and sprayed and screws nozzle into place on metallizing gun. Inserts wire into rear of gun and through feed rollers and nozzle. Connects hoses from gun to air compressor and tanks of oxygen and fuel gas, such as acetylene. Turns knobs to synchronize speed of wire feed, air pressure, and flow of oxygen and fuel indicated on dials to specifications computed from data charts. Ignites gases to melt wire and presses button or trigger to release compressed air which atomizes and sprays molten metal onto workpiece. Directs spray over surface of workpiece in specified pattern to obtain coating of required thickness as indicated by electromagnetic gauge or amount of wire used. May spray or brush paint or apply sealing material on coated surface for decoration or further protection [PAINTER, SPRAY I]. May flame-spray nonmetallic objects, such as glass or plastics.