Correctional-Treatment Specialist

Provide casework services for inmates of correctional institutions.

What does a Correctional-Treatment Specialist do?

Provides casework services for inmates of penal or correctional institution: Interviews inmate and confers with attorneys, judges, and probation officers to compile social history reflecting such factors as nature and extent of inmate’s criminality and current and prospective social problems. Analyzes collected data and develops and initiates treatment plan. Interviews inmate and consults with employees of institution, such as supervisory personnel, CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST 045.107-022, and CLERGY MEMBER 120.107-010, to evaluate inmate’s social progress, and counsels inmate concerning perceived problems. Reports inmate’s progress and makes recommendations to parole officials. Assists inmate with matters concerning detainers, sentences in other jurisdictions, and writs. Confers with inmate’s family to identify family needs prior to inmate’s release. Occasionally conducts collective counseling for small groups of inmates. Lectures groups of newly admitted inmates to inform them of institution rules and regulations.