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Correctional Officer



Supervise prison inmates.

What does a Correctional Officer do?

As a correctional officer, you’re responsible for ensuring the safety of the premises of a jail or prison. You supervise those who have been arrested or detained and are awaiting trial or individuals who have been found guilty and sentenced to be in jail for a given period of time. You help the jail staff with the rehabilitation and the counseling of jail inmates and make sure that the living conditions of the prison are up to the recommended standards. Since the safety of the facility is in your hands, you conduct regular checks of door locks and prison cells. You also search visitors entering the jail. Inmates should not be allowed to carry weapons, and you make sure that they’re not doing anything that’s not in keeping with the rules. You submit reports about the behavior of the inmates to higher authorities.

To become a correctional officer, a high school diploma or equivalent is necessary. Negotiating skills, good judgment, interpersonal skills, and the ability to work in stressful situations are also required.

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