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Correctional Institution Education Supervisor

Plan and administer programs in correctional institutions.

What does a Correctional Institution Education Supervisor do?

Plans and administers program of correlated academic, vocational, and social education in federal, state, or local correctional institution: Prepares courses of study and training materials designed to aid in rehabilitation process. Observes and advises instructors on improvements of methods and techniques. Institutes and directs vocational training programs for development of work habits, skills, and abilities. Conducts followup studies to evaluate effectiveness of academic and vocational training programs. Correlates educational programs with recreation program and other activities of institution and with parole program. Prepares budget requests for education programs, orders school supplies, and prepares records and reports. May supervise preparation of institutional publications. May be designated according to type of correctional facility as Education Supervisor, Penal Institution; Education Supervisor, Youth Authority.