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Correctional Casework Specialist

Supply inmates with the tools they need for life outside prison.

What does a Correctional Casework Specialist do?

People must be thrown into prison if necessary, but they mustn’t be forgotten. They must stay there and serve their sentences, of course, but they must also be encouraged to leave their bad behaviors behind so they can prepare for life after prison. Correctional Casework Specialists offer counseling, guidance, and advice to inmates so they can turn their lives around.

When you work with inmates as a Correctional Casework Specialist, you keep detailed records about each one of them. You review police reports to find out what landed them in jail, and interview their family and fellow inmates to understand what motivates them. You also talk at length with the inmates themselves, paying particular attention to their alcohol and drug abuse history. With that knowledge, you’re able to recommend treatment programs to help them kick the habit.

When an inmate is up for parole, you hold intense counseling sessions to help them prepare for the parole board interview. You may write a letter to the parole board discussing whether or not you think the inmate should be released. And when they’re released, you help them find housing or a job. Throughout the entire process, you talk with them to make sure they’re truly ready for life outside prison.

As a Correctional Casework Specialist, you work with people who may have a history of intensely violent behavior, so you must take precautions to keep yourself safe. You encourage people to disclose their secrets and private thoughts, and they may not appreciate the intrusion into their privacy. But you know how to hide your fear and keep a straight face, even when you’re frightened, so you can call an inmate’s bluff.