Correctional Administrator

Oversee the workings of a correctional facility.

What does a Correctional Administrator do?

The movies always show Prison Wardens as tough, unrelenting, crotchety dictators who run a prison like it’s a country on lockdown, but the truth is that as a Correctional Administrator, whose job is much like a Prison Warden’s, you oversee your domain with a stern hand, yes, but also with an open mind.

Unlike the steel-toed tyrant that you might see on TV, you care about each person committed to your prison. Much like an objective Judge, you don’t see a bad person placed in front of you; you see a citizen paying their debt to society.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you underestimate the risk of being surrounded by potentially violent personalities, especially if you work in a high-security prison or asylum. All law enforcement jobs, even your role as Correctional Administrator, come with a spattering of danger. Things can go wrong, security can be breached, but it’s your calm head and sure plan that keeps the peace.

Your day isn’t spent patrolling the hallways menacingly with a baton in your hand; most of the time, you’re much too busy guiding the staff or meeting with inmates to be fulfilling a genre stereotype. Think of yourself as the President of your penitentiary. Your office is the central hub of operations, and from there, you determine budgets, meet with the press, and hire new Prison Guards and Counselors.

Prisons aren’t just holding cells for people who’ve broken laws. Your personal philosophy as a Correctional Administrator is that everyone deserves a chance to be rehabilitated. Most criminals who are released end up back behind bars in a matter of months, and you want that cycle to stop. By putting money into rehabilitation programs and treating your prisoners like human beings with the potential to be a benefit to society, you’re a front-runner in the fight to keep our streets free of violence and crime, leaving all the hard-hearted Wardens in the dust.