Corporate Trust Officer

Manage a corporation's trust fund accounts.

What does a Corporate Trust Officer do?

Corporate Trust Officers are responsible for maintaining the trust fund or portfolio of a corporation, institution, or other organization. As a Corporate Trust Officer, you’re tasked with setting up and closing out accounts, and managing the funds or resources in each account. You also meet with your client’s Attorney to draft legal documents specifying the conditions of the trust. You need to know a little Lawyer speak and some math lingo, and be very familiar with financial management.

On a daily basis, your job as Corporate Trust Officer involves a lot of paperwork, but if you like math and finance, you’ll thrive. You meet with your clients, their Attorneys, and the beneficiaries of the trust, so you must have good people skills. Sometimes, you manage land trusts as well, so you should know a little bit about real estate, too.

What does it take to be a Corporate Trust Officer? Strong analytical skills, mathematical abilities, and financial fluency are all essential to success in this job. Negotiating and management skills also come in handy.