Corporate Strategy Analyst

Evaluate a company's business processes to see where changes are needed.

What does a Corporate Strategy Analyst do?

A Corporate Strategy Analyst wears many hats. Corporate Strategy Analysts work within a company helping to shape successful business plans, strategic decisions, and operational procedures.

If you’re a Corporate Strategy Analyst, there is really no typical day for you. Instead, there is a typical skill set: You troubleshoot situations, compare data, measure risk, interview, and negotiate, to name a few of your skills. With this toolbox of skills, you guide companies through the problem solving process.

This job is very similar to that of a Corporate Strategy Consultant, the difference being that a Consultant is hired on a per-project basis, while you work in-house. A normal week might see you fix a software glitch that causes the cash registers to reject a certain coupon, reschedule deliveries so that products arrive before the ad is released, and meet with executives to discuss a more effective benefits package for the employees. On the whole, you evaluate processes, procedures, programs, machinery, and people to solve problems as they arise.

Because there are so many aspects of this job, you need to be flexible and able to multi-task. You are an active listener and regularly use your negotiation skills to cement an agreement between two parties. Your people skills are in constant use as you interview employees on the production line and present reports to the CEO. You are a team player but an independent thinker who creates unique solutions for problems that seem to have none.