Corporate Security Manager

Equip companies with reliable security equipment and procedures.

What does a Corporate Security Manager do?

The most efficient system for stopping crime is not a bank of surveillance cameras or a set of motion detectors. Rather, the best crime-fighting tool is a skilled team of Security Officers, led by the Corporate Security Manager. The Corporate Security Manager and his or her team plan out state-of-the-art security system set-ups for their clients, and monitor their progress to ensure that the security is airtight.

Technology evolves, and so do criminals. So as Corporate Security Manager, you stay up to date on the latest in the security system industry. Predicting potential threats and stopping them before they happen is your major role in this line of work.

To keep a company secure, you examine current security systems, upgrade and replace out-of-date systems, and plan out emergency procedures. It takes a little thinking outside the box to find clients effective solutions at low costs.

Then comes the implementation stage. Your team moves into gear to set up the system and maintain it. Security cameras can record footage all day long, but it does little good without an Officer on duty to monitor the video feed.

Finally, you educate the company on current security policies and systems. Managers need to understand both how to shut down alarms so they can enter the building, and how to react if an emergency does occur. Once your system is working and everyone’s in the loop, you monitor system performance and report your findings to your client. A CEO ‘s company is his kingdom, and you are a guardian keeping invaders out.