Corporate Recycling Manager

Develop systems to manage recycling in large companies.

What does a Corporate Recycling Manager do?

If a corporation were a playground, the Corporate Recycling Manager would be in charge of ensuring that the sandbox stays clean and usable, not filled with candy wrappers and the occasional lost shoe. As a Corporate Recycling Manager, you oversee the recycling department of a business to answer the what, when, and how of your company’s recycling policy. Saving the environment and creating a greener office atmosphere is a Corporate Recycling Manager’s primary goal.

Assistant Managers and other office workers report to you, sometimes regularly as part of your team and other times only when a certain department needs your assistance. You organize the company’s recycling efforts, develop a recycling policy, and check that every department follows proper procedure. No more plastic bottles thrown out with the trash!

Daily duties include choosing recycling bins, finding the best recycling centers to haul away your mounds of recyclable materials, and conferring with your Assistant Managers on where the company can improve. Installing a recycling bin by the trash can in each employee’s office might be just the trick to cut down on office waste.

When a problematic situation arises, like a sudden surplus of old office desks when your company remodels, you decide how to react. A local school might be in need of extra desks for their Teachers. A little digging and you discovered a better alternative to chucking them in the dumpster. With your creative thinking, your corporation can go green!