Corporate Recruiter

Fill corporate positions with the most competent candidates.

What does a Corporate Recruiter do?

Corporate Recruiters find talented candidates to fill open positions at large and small companies. You do a lot of the legwork for human resources departments, which includes reviewing resumes, conducting initial interviews, and evaluating a jobseeker’s skills.

Corporate Recruiters are often referred to as Headhunters, but the term is misleading because your goal isn’t to collect heads like an Amazonian witch doctor. Rather, you are searching for the most talented people to present to the corporation you work for.

Your job makes the hiring process easier for Managers, who can get overwhelmed by applications when they post a help wanted ad on a job board. Many of the responses will be from people who are not qualified for the position. So you help them find the very best person for their company, and save them a lot of time and headaches.

As a Corporate Recruiter, you either work for an independent recruiting agency that finds talent for local corporations, or for an in-house recruiting department at a firm–usually a large one. You can also specialize in finding talent for a particular industry, such as technology, communications, or office administration.

It’s about quality, not quantity. So be prepared to sift through hundreds of resumes to find a handful that possess all the qualities your company is looking for in a new employee. Because you’re a people person, though, you don’t find this work tedious at all.

Rather, you find analyzing employees’ potential and abilities fascinating. You also get an enormous amount of satisfaction from matching the right jobseeker to the right employer, creating a long-lasting working partnership.