Corporate Legal Secretary

Keep legal paperwork organized for a corporation.

What does a Corporate Legal Secretary do?

The world of the Corporate Legal Secretary is fast paced and ever demanding. You are the organizational force behind an office full of professionals. While a Legal Secretary is nearly always employed by a law firm, a Corporate Legal Secretary may be hired directly by a large corporation.

You do perform typical secretarial duties such as answering phones, processing daily mail, and answering emails. But your job encompasses much more than that. For starters, you have a unique understanding of the corporate arena. Combine that with your knowledge of legalities surrounding the Internal Revenue Service and articles of incorporation, and you prove yourself as an invaluable asset.

You perform much of the legal work behind a Lawyer’s case. You open new files, interview potential clients, complete preliminary paperwork, and maintain correspondence between all parties. This last task is a full-time job in itself. Imagine working in an office with six Lawyers, each of them working on four cases.

You’re in charge of receiving, filtering, forwarding, and responding to phone calls, memos, and emails pertaining to each case. Along the way, you update each case file, prepare briefs and other legal documents, and attend and take notes in important meetings.

In addition, you consolidate all this information and keep it organized. You update the office calendar, recording deadlines and court dates for each Lawyer in the firm. You also maintain each Lawyer’s daily schedule, and ensure they attend every meeting and court date listed. Does that sound like more than a handful? If you’re a Corporate Legal Secretary, it’s no problem at all.