Corporate Lawyer

Provide legal advice to corporations.

What does a Corporate Lawyer do?

Corporate lawyers represent corporations in a wide variety of issues. These cases are generally transaction-based which means that corporate lawyers work with a company throughout a merger, acquisition, sale, or start-up, to name a few. Throughout the process, as corporate lawyer you dole out advice, listen to the client’s needs, scrutinize contract details, and help formulate agreements.

Corporate law is a unique area of the legal system because you work in a team environment. Rather than spending long hours holed up in your office digging through law books and flipping through papers alone, you work with a team of lawyers and are constantly communicating with Directors and other business leaders.

Much of your time is spent discussing the client’s goals and brainstorming ways to achieve them. In this position, you are a consultant, and you help answer questions. Is it a sound decision to invest in another company? Which of the six companies should your client merge with? You offer advice, consider legal ramifications, investigate details, and process all of the paperwork once a decision is reached.

Corporations are structured differently from other business entities. They have stockholders, shareholders, and a Board of Directors that all have a stake in the company’s actions. This adds another dimension to your job as you consider board approval and previous agreements contracted with stockholders, and whether a particular transaction will affect dividend payout for investors. With so many aspects, it’s no surprise that corporate law is the largest of all the legal arenas.