Corporate Executive Chef

Prepare food from start to finish for corporate events.

What does a Corporate Executive Chef do?

A Corporate Executive Chef is top dog in the kitchen. This is not a job that’s easily earned. Rather, it is awarded following rigorous training, lots of experience, and a steady move up the management ladder. In addition to being a well-versed Cook, a Corporate Executive Chef is also a team leader, a staff Supervisor, and a Kitchen Manager.

As a Corporate Executive Chef, you play these roles while serving the needs of customers at corporate events. These events might include holiday or grand re-opening parties, retreats, seminars, or luncheons. You might be in charge of the daily fare at a hotel or university restaurant, where food is served either in a buffet or as individually plated dishes for hundreds of guests.

Everything you do starts with the food. The menu is your creation. You’re in charge of building and maintaining relationships with vendors, ordering food and other supplies for the kitchen, and ensuring that those deliveries arrive on time and in good condition. Of course, you must also look for fresh, local and in-season ingredients to meet the needs of the restaurant while keeping costs down.

After all your hard work in creating the perfect menu, you make sure the kitchen staff properly cooks and presents the food. Managing this staff is a big part of your job. You hire, evaluate, promote, supervise, and fire personnel. And you make sure they are properly trained, take pride in their work, and help promote your goal of producing quality food in a timely, safe, and budget-friendly manner.