Corporate Development Officer

Implement plans to ensure a company's long-term profitability.

What does a Corporate Development Officer do?

In corporate America, bigger is better. The job of a Corporate Development Officer, or CDO, is to make “big” things happen for his or her company in the form of strategic growth and change. Typically senior executives with business and finance credentials, Corporate Development Officers accomplish that with mergers, acquisitions, and company reorganizations.

In other words, as a Corporate Development Officer, you manage your company’s portfolio of business holdings and assets with the goal of maintaining current and future profitability. An adviser to a board of Directors, you spend your time researching and recommending business opportunities that will help your company cut costs, enhance productivity, increase revenue, or gain market share. Often, that means selling off business units, buying competitive or complementary companies, or merging with other enterprises — all of which are scenarios that you seek out, investigate, and execute.

Of course, mergers and acquisitions aren’t the only way to grow a business. Companies can grow from within as well. As a result, you might also be in charge of building the corporate ladder by analyzing current staffing trends, creating and eliminating positions or departments, and restructuring the corporate org chart in order to make the company more effective and efficient.

Basically, you’re a Headhunter who recruits new opportunities instead of new talent, searching the marketplace for the next notch on your company’s strategic belt.