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Corporate Development Director



Make strategic plans to steer a company toward growth.

What does a Corporate Development Director do?

Corporate Development Directors plan and implement strategies for management teams, future direction, and investment decisions. A Corporate Development Director may come from a financial or legal background, so he or she the perfect person to evaluate all options.

It is important for a company to have goals. These include financial, ethical, environmental, human resource, growth, marketing, and investment goals. Your job as Corporate Development Director is to research, analyze, and formulate formal plans. Should the company move a production line, produce a new product, or expand to a different location? As Corporate Development Director, you plan for each of these activities.

Keeping in line with the company’s direction, you may need to make decisions about the management team. You might need to scrap the team altogether, lay off a few members, or keep the current staff, but require new training. As the focus of the company shifts, you may need to cut one or two members of the management team and replace them with a different skill set.

Another major component of your job is evaluating financing and investment options for the company. How much debt is healthy? Which loans serve your company’s needs? On the investment side, you investigate companies that your employer wants to buy. Is the potential purchase a good fit with the image of your company? Do their assets contribute products or processes to your overall goals? These are but a few of the major decisions you make.

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