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Coronary Care Unit Nurse

Care for heart attack victims and other heart patients in a hospital.

What does a Coronary Care Unit Nurse do?

Nurses in every field have a respectable job. Not only do they provide hands-on, nurturing, and empathic care, but they’re also well-educated medical professionals. While some Nurses provide assistance to Doctors in a family clinic, others don scrubs for the operating room. Coronary Care Unit Nurses specialize in caring for patients with acute heart conditions.

As a Coronary Care Unit Nurse, you work in a hospital setting. Some hospitals have a special unit (the coronary care unit) where Coronary Care Unit Nurses and Doctors serve the needs of cardiac patients. That means you commonly get patients transferred in from near or far. Regardless of whether your patient lives down the street or three states away, your job is to provide safe and nurturing care.

You’ve had special training, so you’re familiar with heart conditions as well as the equipment used to diagnose and treat them. When a patient arrives, you ask questions if he/she is coherent, and hook up the machines that read and monitor the heart’s activity. Once the patient is stable, you continue to monitor vital signs, answer questions, and keep the family abreast of any changes. You also insert IVs, give shots, administer medications, and keep a careful record of everything.

The coronary care unit is for critically ill patients. Some patients succumb to heart failure and others will wait for a heart transplant that never arrives. But many, many others will recover under the Cardiologists ‘ – and your – care.