Core Winding Operator

Control section of paper machines to wind papers onto cores.

What does a Core Winding Operator do?

Controls section of paper machine to wind paper onto core to make jumbo roll of specified dimensions: Positions empty core on machine carriage and tightens support clamps, using hoist and wrench. Tears continuous sheet, using compressed airhose, when roll is filled and blows free end around revolving empty core to start new roll. Removes full roll from machine with hoist. Turns handwheel to regulate tension on paper being wound on new roll. Examines sheet for defects, such as dirt, slime spots, holes, and wrinkles, and marks defective portions with chalk. Periodically runs hand along winding roll of paper to test for tension and to feel for soft spots and lumps. Cleans lint from calender rolls, using hand scraper and cloth.