Core Drill Operator

Precision cut holes in concrete structures.

What does a Core Drill Operator do?

A piece of concrete is strongest when it’s in one piece. Sometimes, however, holes must be punched in it for a variety of reasons. For example, buildings need holes for water pipes and electrical connections, and sidewalks sometimes need holes so Engineers can make sure they’re as strong as they should be. Core Drill Operators use specialized tools to punch out these holes.

On a construction site, as Core Drill Operator you are given a set of drawings that tell you where the holes must be placed. You find those locations, and then you connect your drill to electrical power and a water line. Carefully and slowly, you drill out the hole to the required depth.

The water keeps the drill sharp, but it can make the job of a Core Drill Operator messy. Because of that, you never wear nice clothing when you’re on the job. When the hole is complete, you tape a piece of plastic over it to keep critters from living inside.

When mixing concrete, some Contractors cut corners and use cheap sand. You take your drill to these suspected sites and you cut out a hole for sampling. If the piece you drill out seems particularly weak and crumbly, you take more samples. At the end of your test, you take all samples to your boss for analysis.

A sharp drill is a safe drill, as it will cut the concrete instead of catching and jumping up to hit you. At the end of each job, you look at the drill bit and make sure it’s still sharp and gleaming. To keep your tool in perfect condition, you clean it and oil its parts at the end of each workday.