Core Cutter and Reamer

Tend machines that cut, ream, and slot paper roll cores.

What does a Core Cutter and Reamer do?

Tends machines that cut, ream, and slot paper roll cores made of cardboard, fiber, or metal, according to work order specifications: Installs and aligns cutoff saw, reamer, and slot cutters in machines according to length and diameter of core, using rule and wrench. Starts machines and cuts core to length, using circular saw. Pushes core along feeder trough of reamer to ream out ends. Feeds core into cutters of slotting machine to cut slots in core ends. Inserts metal caps in ends of nonmetal cores to coincide with slots in cores, using hammer. May reclaim defective caps by removing them with cap puller and hammering out dents. May tend machines that cut and slot paper roll cores and be designated Core Cutter.