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Corduroy Cutter Operator



Tend cutting machines that cut woven races in greige corduroy cloth.

What does a Corduroy Cutter Operator do?

Tends one or more cutting machines that cut woven races in greige corduroy cloth: Sews end of cloth to leader, using portable sewing machine. Places slotted wire guides under circular cutting blades so blades project into guide slots, and inserts guides into alternate races with fingers. Positions magnetic stop-motion bar that automatically stops machine when guides slip out of cloth races and make contact with bar. Starts machine and observes cloth to detect inferior cutting. Notifies CUTTING-MACHINE FIXER of inferior cutting resulting from machine malfunction. Withdraws guides at seams, pulls seam through machine, and inserts guides into races behind seam to continue cutting process. Records lot number, piece number, yardage, and production. Doffs cloth from swing-folding attachment onto handtruck. Points guide tips and aligns guides, using pliers, whetstone, and emery cloth.

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