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Create texts for websites, papers, advertisements and more.

Salary Range

$45,781 - $71,000

Salary range derived from OFLC job titles

What does a Copywriter do?

Copywriters create text for businesses. A copywriter is also a large presence in advertising agencies, but also a standard hire in many other companies including non-profits and medical organizations. And although a writer, you are no novelist: Your work as a copywriter is short and pithy. Your goal is to catch attention and be remembered.

You begin your work by reviewing the information you will be writing. You then meet with clients to decide on your tone and voice, and to understand the industry for which you are writing: Is it consumer directed or business-to-business? An informational brochure or an ad to fly to Panama? Once you nail down your audience and medium, you write your piece in the humorous, informational, or other tone you decided upon with the client.

Your work is found in commercials, brochures, on websites, and in broadcast media. Copywriters can freelance and write TV jingles and billboard slogans, or work in-house for an advertising agency and do all the dialogue in their commercial campaigns. In fact almost anywhere you look, there is copywriting.

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