Copyright Lawyer

Protect authored works from copy cats and pirates.

What does a Copyright Lawyer do?

In your job, pirates are everywhere. You, the Copyright Lawyer, protect your clients’ intellectual property from those trying to steal or infringe upon them.

Copyright Lawyers understand the laws governing ownership of an intellectual work, like a book or a music file. As a Copyright Lawyer, you help clients learn about copyright and defend their rights if necessary. Of course, you fight your battles against the piracy of music and movies in a courtroom, not at sea.

Much of your time is spent filing the appropriate paperwork for clients and staying up to date on the latest rulings in court cases. In the morning, you sip coffee while reviewing copyright applications, while in the afternoon, you’re shaking hands with new clients and listening to their stories to determine whether or not their claims will hold up in court.

Though laws may seem set in stone, they are anything but. Judges pass down different rulings as laws and circumstances change. What was illegal one day might no longer be prosecutable the next. You stay on top of it all so your clients don’t have to.

Your clients range from a Singer who claims that another stole her music to a company that wants to sue a website for providing illegal music downloads. The rulings in these cases will pave the way for tomorrow’s laws, and you’ll know you played a key role in protecting the artistic visions of others.