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What does a Cook do?

A Cook is someone who prepares and cooks food in a restaurant. It is a fairly generic title that applies to many levels of kitchen staff, from Executive Chef down to Prep Cook. However if a job is titled , it generally refers to a mid-level employee, such as a Line Cook.

If this is the case, you’ll be responsible for an area of food production (baking, grilling, frying etc) rather than the grand order of the kitchen. You begin your shift by washing, chopping, and partially cooking the ingredients you need before the meal service begins. It is important that you are familiar with the menu so you can ensure you have the proper ingredients prepared.

When the orders start coming in, you are in charge of your area, be it grilling meats or tossing salads. But you are equally knowledgeable about all the stations, so you can fill any void from night to night.

If you’re in a big restaurant, kitchen work is teamwork: You communicate with other kitchen staff to make certain the side dishes, entree, and garnishes are all ready at the same time. This production requires a good memory, a team attitude, and clear communication skills.

In smaller venues, you may be the only Cook in the kitchen, which necessitates discipline, focus, and multi-tasking to keep up with the requests.

Additional responsibilities as Cook might include ordering supplies, supervising other staff, or cleaning up at the end of service. As you acquire skills and experience, you can work your way up to a variety of positions including Sous Chef, Head Chef, or Executive Chef.