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Convention Manager



Pull off large conventions using your organizational prowess.

What does a Convention Manager do?

The hubbub, excitement, and chaos of a convention is a hard beast to control, but when you’re a Convention Manager, your outstanding organizational skills allow you to take the reins and lead each separate piece of the plan into place to form a wildly successful event.

Much like planning your own big party, being a Convention Manager requires you to keep on top of everything. People come to conferences and symposiums to meet with colleagues, or gather with those who share similar interests.

These types of events are large, usually take place in a hotel or convention center, and can often host over a thousand participants. In this case, obsessing over every little detail might just be considered a blessing. With meals to cater, conferences to coordinate, vendors to pay, and contracts to sign, you have to keep on top of your to-do list so you don’t run the risk of being swallowed whole by it.

Even when a convention is finally underway, your work as Convention Manager is not quite over. Someone needs to keep track of individual event scheduling, and pay the crew to clean up. You’re also the one who’s in charge of the budget, keeping funds out of the red as best you can. While the cap on the parties you’ve thrown at home may be no more than 20 bucks, the companies you work for can spend tens of thousands of dollars to get people together under one convention center roof.

Your reward at the end of a hectic day, running back and forth to make sure rooms are reserved and equipment is rented, is essentially the same feeling you get after throwing a successful bash in your own living room. There’s nothing like being the force behind bringing like minds together for both progress and a good time’s sake!

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